Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aspirin vs Cocaine

Just a quick thought on how people can blow things out of proportion. I have this friend that, when he goes out he doesn't mind drinking. Usually he gets fairly drunk. This friend also goes to Dance/Trance parties where he not only drinks but also uses cocaine, speed and xtc.

Just the other day he didn't feel very well, he had a headache and felt a bit ill. Later that day he told me he took some aspirin and sadly enough he said it as if he was a weak person. He also mentioned how bad those aspirins are for your body.

Is it me or is he loosing his mind, afraid of something that relieves a pain he's feeling. Yet, not shy about taken numerous kind of hard-drugs in one go. Somebody needs to get there priorities straight.

Just a quick thought. Comments are welcome.

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