Monday, April 17, 2006

Truckin' in London

Just the other day I was listening to a NPR radio stream and found out that Derek Trucks was going to tour with Eric Clapton as one of Claptons band-members. "Whohoo, maybe I should go and see that" is what I thought.

Sold out

Not that I'm a Eric Clapton fan but I really do respect the guy and he's definitely one of the most gifted musicians out there. But seeing him on stage together with Derek Trucks would make it worthwhile for me.
Not to my surprise his tour is almost sold out, but on the Derek Trucks website I saw that he will be performing with his band in London.

Truckin' in London
So I ordered my tickets and I'm going to see the Derek Trucks Band in London in mayon the 24th. Wow, I'm so happy about that. Otherwise I would've had to wait a few years until he would cross the pond again.

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