Monday, July 31, 2006

Mo Petty Blues

I can't seem to help myself, to contain my own enthousiasm is really difficult and already started uploading the Rockpalast gig partially, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played 29 songs in about 2 hours. Only 10 songs I uploaded so far. The videos might be taken of if somebody of Tom's managements doesn't want them on there, so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the best.

Here are some really beautiful songs by gifted musicians, this gig played with the well respected Howie Epstien (R.I.P) on bass and vocals, Tom Petty on vocals and guitar, Mike Campbell on guitar, Scott Thurston on guitar and vocals, Benmont Tench on keyboards and to finish things off Steve Ferrone on drums.

If you like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, please support them by going to a show and see them perform live or visit there website at for more information about the band, upcomming gigs and/or recordings.

Interior Design & Styling

So, I'm going to move to my new house in December. And I, of course, still have to look around and save up some money to buy some new furniture and such. The bathroom I'm not going to do myself because I'm not good at that this means that I also have to shop around for some contractor. No big problems, but it still needs to be taken care off.

That made me think of what I could do with my living room,
Now I never really put any thought in styling in my house before, but this time I'm going to do it differently. I played around in photoshop, to see what some this could do to a room. I thought that making the floor board black or grey. Mind you these are just a few ideas not this I want to do exactly. Look at the pictures for the experiments. Look at the original as a reference.


Design with original floor, accents in brown

Design with grey and black floor, accents in blue

Design with grey and black floor, accents in grey

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Derek Trucks in Germany

Who want's some Tom Petty

I'm wondering who would want to see some Tom Petty uploaded on YouTube. Recorded live, the 23rd of April 1999 in Germany. I you would like to see some Mr. Petty please let it know by replying to this article.

I'm really wondering if anyone will respond.

As a small update I added a playlist with about Tom Petty clips on YouTube. Featuring songs like, Mary Jane's Last Dance, I Won´t Back Down, Free Falling, The Great Wide Open just to name a few, Enjoy!!!

The Master that plays Disaster

Wohoo, a few week ago there was this annual JazzFest in the Netherlands that's called North Sea Jazz Festival. I visited it three times and seen legends as Stanley Clarke, Omar Harkim, Herbie Hancock, Trilok Gutru some others and one of my favorite Jazz Guitarist Larry Coryell.

This year they also had Jeff Beck, to me a legend, I love the live album he did with the Jan Hammer Group in the seventies. It just so happened that he played a song from that album called Scatterbrain and Dutch television aired it and I found it on YouTube made a playlist so you could enjoy the whole thing.

This playlist starts with Scatterbrain moves to Nadia shifts to Lopsy Lu supported by Stanley Clarke.

I like Jeff Beck because he sounds really rough and that is his trade mark. The most fun is that you can here how much guitar guru's Joe Satriani and Steve Vai took from him. Only they both are from the 'it has to sound shiny and slick' period, which count for there flawless technique.

Some Mule for the soul

Okay, I finished up uploading an almost complete gig from Rockpalast that Gov' Mule played in September 2005, I hope you enjoy it because this a quartet that you shouldn't mess with.

Please know that all these videos I post are not for profit and I encourage you to go to concerts of all the bands I post here and also buy there records so you at least support some good music.

Friday, July 28, 2006

It's still hot and I don't like it one bit.

Well I like the cold, what can I say, this freaky being just doesn't like sweating. To eas the pain of sweating your ass off everyday I added some more on YouTube for you to enjoy. Yes again some Black Crowes, this time is taken from the famous Glastonbury Festival. Recorded live, 23 June 1995, Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, England.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wohoo, no more really, really, hot days

Okay, it has been really hot around these parts and I tend too slow down like a tortoise when that happens. That's also why I haven't posted in a while. But things are about to change because the trusted TV weather person said that it's going to get a bit colder, still hot non the less but a bit colder. So that means I'll get my energy back and that I'm back =)