Thursday, August 31, 2006

Become a childhood hero!

Just watch the clip and you decide how much impact it made on you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Some people know I have a Xbox 360 and that I like to play games once in while. I have a 32" LCD HD Ready screen where I can play at 1080i resolution, which is huge jump from you basic TV resolution. So, I like gaming, and almost the only reason why I bought the Xbox 360 is the fact that I would have the supercharged Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW).

What is GRAW I hear you ask. When playing GRAW you're a part of the elite U.S. military Special Force. First into any conflict and last to retreat, you and your teammates handle the missions that no one else can. Inserted deep behind enemy lines, you strike swiftly and suddenly, and then...vanish.

Sounds exciting doesn't it, wel action speak louder then words and that's why I dare you to watch these video's to get and idea what's it like to be a ghost.

Gameplay action

Monday, August 28, 2006

A mean green fighting machine!

Answering to the child within I would like to say 'Arghh, we need more Hulk!' So enjoy some pics!

Where does she put it?

Doing my regualar round of blog's I stumbled upon a daring video clip with magic.
Link: Way Better Magic Than Angel and Blaine - nsfw

New office update!!!

Okay I made a few more shots, not really special, but nice enough to give you a hint of where I work. So, do you want to see more? Here we go!

Share The Ride!

About a week ago I released some of the DVD's, I also mentioned that I was working on those DVD's. Here is some artwork and the links to where you could start and download them. Please don't forget that these DVD's are for trading only and not for sale. Also these are for you all or a friend, a friend of a friend of your sisters or brothers friend, your family, neighbor, you name it, your dog might even like it or your fish or cat or parot.

All these DVD's are AV upgrades, that means new and clearer sources. Oh, and I made them =P


17 November 1992 - E-Werk - Köln, Germany
Info link, torrent link


03 February 1995, Musikhalle, Köln, Germany
Info link, torrent link

Yes, there are more!
The following links are for DVD's that have been seeded for a while and haven't lost there momentum. Grab them while you can.


November 15, 1996 - Grugahalle - Essen, Germany
Info link, torrent link


Amorica or Bust
Info link 1, 2, torrent link


Friday, August 25, 2006


A music video, a dance video, an aerobic exercise video, a funny video, a clever video and finally a borring video, the novelty wears off, still great stuff, enjoy!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Today I made one small change for bloggers alike and one giant change for the ones that still not dare to discover it.
I jumped over to the beta version of a new to be Blogger.
To celebrate this not so impresive moment I treat you to a David Bowie Classic Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes or was it just changes =P

David Bowie - Changes - 1976 Rehearsal

We moved to a better place.

Today we moved with my work to a better place, it sound dramatic but it isn't. I just wanted to show some pictures of my old situation and the new of course. The picture above is my new office, man it's huge. I feel a bit to important in there but I'll manage =)

Here are some pics of the old office.

The pictures below are all from the new situation.


So, what do these letters stand for, what does this mean? It's really simple but first I have to explain the following. I've been single for quite a while now, not that that's boring or anything. Being single has it's benefits, you can do what you want and who ever you want. Not that I'm the suave Don Juan type, I just need more to really not minding a commitment. BTW I've been more of a 'sologamist' then anything else if you know what I mean.

For long I've been single and loving it, I still do. But now I just would like to see what's out there in this wonderful world and see if I could find a sweet open-mindeded female. So I decided to sign up with a sort of partners searching service called Parship. Somehow for me it's a kind of experiment that I maybe will share here or on a different blog in Dutch or English.

So the letters stand for Single Male Looking for Female.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Kickin it with Gov't Mule

More Mule recorded on the 30th of May 1996 in Sao Paolo Brazil when they played the Nescafe & Blues Music Festival. I also have footage of Derek Trucks at that same Festival.