Monday, April 24, 2006

More DVD cover art part II

Okay, I did this one in about 4 hours. I got an email today with a fellow Black Crowes DVD collector asking me to make cover art for a DVD he had done, wich is now up on Dime a Dozen. I said yes and four hours later we have this as a result. I'm tired and going to bed now =)


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is George, I don´t know where i can write, jejej. I saw your black crowes videos, how i can get it? where i can buy them? it´s more interesting for me.Thiese is my mail, please reply.

El Gordo said...
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El Gordo said...


Right now you could download the DVD this cover is made for at Sign up and start downloading via a Bittorrent client.

Never pay for bootleg!!! These releases are for trade only per request of the Black Crowes.

Anonymous said...

wow, Thank you man!!!! thanks a lot, Now i´m more happy :-) thank you so much.

P.D. Your crowe art it´s very cool

Cya en thank you again.Jorge.