Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blackberry Pearl: Outdoor ad in Berlin

An outdoor campaign for the Blackberry Pearl in Berlin at Potsdamerplatz. A big cube billboard with small paper Blackberry phones attached to them. A nice way to interact with consumers. But once after grabbing the phone all you had was that, no extra info about the product. Where you could buy it, specs or anything. The reason for many to stick the phone back on to the billboard. And an opportunity to converse with the consumer lost. Too bad, it could've been really good.

Fiery hot Kurkure chips!

The weirdest promo ever. This guy sets himself on fire as to show that the chips he's eating are very hot. As quoted from AOTW "On-ground promo literally vivifies the fact that Kurkure chips are fiery hot. A stunt man munches on a Kurkure and suddenly bursts into flames, much to everyone's surprise. After the flames are extinguished, he hands onlookers packs of Kurkure after announcing it's "very hot and very tasty"." Cool idea though.

Berlin rent-a-bike

I took a short holiday and went to Berlin last weekend. And I noticed these bikes standing there, then today I followed my daily blog reading routine and found out about them via psfk. It's an interesting concept where you phone the number printed on the bike with a code that's also printed on the bike and after giving your credit card details. You'll be given a special code to unlock the bike. Type it in and go of into Berlin. Costs are 7 cents per minute or 15 Euros a day.

The only problem I think it has is that I've seen them around but never in a pair, so two tourist traveling together couldn't rent such a bike.

Start fresh! Start chewing gum that makes you smell good.

So there seems to be a chewing gum on the market these days that besides making your breath smell good it also lets your body ooze freshness.

Buy it here

via psfk

Pedegree Light Ad


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scariest videoclip ever!

Scariest videoclip ever! no comment.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Radio commercials

Now for something different and something for the ears. A funny and good commercial.

Hamlet Cigars “Bummer”

powered by ODEO

We need Wii

It so seems that Nintendo has gold in there hands with Wii. Click on the links below to find out how people get along with this new kind of controller.

Wii Sports - Bowling
Wii Sports - Golf
Wii Sports - Tennis
Wii Sports - Baseball

Need a new barbecue?

I just came across this guerrilla marketing campaign over at I believe in adv. I love it, really simple and easy to execute.

Awesome art direction!

Cool series!

Rocket in your pocket!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Some commercials

by Wieden + Kennedy

Another good campaign

"Victory compact binoculars. See everything 10 times bigger."
by TBWA\France

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Prank Day!

We are the web. Nerds Unite!

Pimp that snack

Why not supersize any snack you think off and make a website about it. Let me present to you Pimp That Snack and there royal snackness on YouTube.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Newsradio - Smoking

Newsradio is one of my all time favorite sitcoms and this is one of my favorite scenes, enjoy!

I pity the fool!

I like YouTube and I am hosting some music videos on there. But is YouTube a feast of fools, judging by this clip I now have a opinion.

Enjoy this feast!

This I like

Agency: Leo Burnett, Romania.

The new cordless powerd scissors are here

This ad doesn't need any explanation. The headline says: “The new cordless powered scissors are here”.

Real beauty

An ad that speaks louder the words, in my opinion, for the Anabell Foundation who deals with bulimic issues. On the bottom a survival hotline that people can dial.

Eat Like Snake

I like Asian commercials, they are always wierd and quirky.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Campaign For Real Beauty

I like what Dove is doing dig this video, it's a pert of there new campaign.

More info here!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Simpson's Voices

Here's a clip of two guys doing most of the male voices in one of my favorit shows The Simpsons. Enjoy!

Tender Love & Care (T.L.C)

This month it's the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Worldwide women are pointed out that they should check themselves for any changes in there breasts or any other differences. A Canadian website, dedicated to education young people in Canada about breast cancer, have made a commercial called "If men had breasts" watch it. They found a great way to make there point.

Download the commercial

A really nice TV commercial

Tenacious D

A good site with a storyline and a whole lotta love for rock 'n Roll. Go and check it out!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guerrilla Marketing!!!

Wohoo, a small advertising campaign I did got mentioned in printed version of a magazine for entrepreneurs called Bizz. Not the first time work got some attention by the press by the way =) This time it's about guerrilla marketing witch some may even call urban spam.

This year we, the advertising agency I work at, did a case for free. We decided to work for a pop/movie theater called Gigant. There visual identity was lost so to speak. Meaning that they used to have one but anything that was made to promote a concert or movie lacked any kind of visual or textual reference to Gigant. To many styles and designs where mixed with each other making it unrecognizable as a Gigant promotion. They also had a bad image.

We offered them to help find there visual identity, the whole process I will not tell because it could become boring one. They got a new visual identity and we also offered them to help them promote them in a better way then before. They wanted to throw a party for the occasion of having a new way to present themselves. We came with the idea, mostly because of a tight budget to go for guerrilla marketing. We pasted downtown Apeldoorn with missing coyote posters, a buzz was going around town and we ended up announcing that the coyote had been found and to celebrate that fact Gigant had a Fressssch Weekend!.

Now one thing that I don't like about the article is that it makes it seems like all we did is make some posters for them. Arghhh, we initiated the whole thing of renewing there identity. Not them, I came with the guerrilla marketing strategy w.t.f! They have been nominated for it before for being the best pop music podium in the Netherlands. So please give credit where it's due I think. But still nice it's been picked out and placed between all the big agencies in the Netherlands. So here's to everyone that thinks that a small agency without a big worldwide network can't make an impression on this world, =P

What is guerrilla marketing?

Monday, October 09, 2006

P.A.R.T.Y Cause I gotta!

At work we had small party last friday, click on the poster above to see a small set of the night.



Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announced that it won two prestigious awards at last night’s BAFTA Video Games Awards for, my favorite game, its critically acclaimed game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™, which launched in March 2006.

One of the most heavily nominated games, appearing in eight categories, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter picked up awards in the following categories:

• Best Game
• Technical Achievement

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lightning Rod Girl

I'm a big Lowell George fan and this blog is called after one of his songs. He sadly passed away a longtime ago, but somewhere in this world his daughter Inara keeps the musical George vibe going. I found some clips of her and one I'm going to show you. Almost all the song are really sweet songs, not always my cup of tea but she has what her dad has. A sense for taking songs away from the cliche solutions, playing with dynamics or rhythm, while still sounding perfectly normal.


Friday, October 06, 2006

The killer

Okay, some might call Elvis the King but surely the real king is Jerry Lee Lewis. He probably is the true bad boy of good old Rock & Roll. So here he is in his glory days in his early twenties, the killer.


Touch me!

It will probably take a while before such a thing is widely accepted and integrated into our lives. But it's sure an interesting way of operation a computer.

Ones product of being bored!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I have the flu!

Well I have the flu so that's why I haven't posted the last few days. And I'm really getting tired of feeling ill. I now have the tendency to get mad about having the flu cause I don't want to keep taking those painkillers/aspirins or any other drug to make this day less of a painful one. I mean my muscle are aching, my body is shaking and on top of that my nose is congested with, yes you guessed it, snot! I've really, really, really had it with this flu!

Cheers and don't forget your to enjoy your health you lucky bastards. I do have some previously unfinished articles I might post just for the fun of it.

What the hug!

What is it about a hug that I like. Or what most huggers like. Besides it being a way to show each other some affection. It's a pleasing activity, don't think that I'm a poly hugger, I'm what you might call serial hugger. But the I only hug people I care about and not that I'm a hug junky, I can go days or weeks without a hug.

But what's up with those tree huggers? I just don't get it, what freakishly twisted planet do they come from. For treehug enthusiast and there environmental conscious friends there's even a website. Why would one hug a tree, did that tree asked to be hugged? Is it some weird ancient appreciation of the Phallus maybe? And why don't you ever see people hug a cactus? A cactus also has feeling, at least when you believe a tree does.

Why doesn't anybody that's really into the environment and tree hugging develop a suit for hugging cactus? Shouldn't there be some pioneer that arranges tree hugging festival and trips? Going extreme tree hugging in the desert with the wild cactus or in the jungle at the top of the tree? And why do they only hug the stem of the tree? Why?

How much longer will it take for people to recognise that they are car huggers, or bike huggers or computer huggers? What has this world come to? All I know is that all tree hugger should also hug a cactus because that's just the most honest thing to do. They should also start wearing t-shirt at tree hugger convention with text like 'Hug extreme - Hug a catus' or 'Real men hug a catus'.

If anyone cares to comment let me say your welcome to do so.