Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Live Music Archive

The Live Music Archive is a community committed to providing the highest quality live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format. And I would like to you in the right direction this time if you have never heard of it before.

All the music in Live Music Archive is from trade-friendly artists and is strictly noncommercial. But for now one of my favorite bands, The Black Crowes, isn't on there, but many are. In this little blog I would like to point you to some classic and some non-classic. This I will do monthly. This month it will be Little Feat when the 'Rock n' Roll Doctor' Lowell George was still around.

Just as with the Derek Trucks Band article I will let the band speak for themselves via there music.

Little Feat live at Ultrasonic Studios, September 19th, 1974 - Source info -
01 Rock n' Roll Doctor
02 Two Trains
03 The Fan
04 On Your Way Down
05 Spanish Moon >
06 Skin It Back >
07 Fat Man In The Bath Tub
08 Oh Atlanta
09 Willin'
Download the lossless version here!

Enjoy! Comments are welcome.


Chesher Cat said...

Nice blog! Hope you keep it going. I started one last Sunday. Based on what you have here, I think you will like what I'm doing. Please drop by and say hi.

El Gordo said...

Chester Cat,
I checked your blog, hmmm a Lowell G. fan also, I will be checking your blog more soon, thanks!