Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pizza in a ice cream cone!

So the Italians stole pizza from the the Turks or Persians and the Japanese steel the pizza from the Italians and the ice cream form, well that would be a long story. The fact is that some Japanese person invented a pizza in an ice cream cone? Wierd huh or is it handy. I woouldn't mind scooping the filling out an then eat the cone as I do with ice cream? So, if you're ever in the neighborhood of Tokyo or Nagano be sure to try it here!



Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yázigi English School

Can you spell art direction? Well, they sure can! Great job!


Monday, May 28, 2007

White Cowbell Oklahoma Rocks

If y'all like Rock 'n Roll. And all of y'all like it to get down, dirty, greasy, rowdy, smelling like some old diesel motor, filled with guitar licks and hot chicks in short skirts. Then this band might do the trick keeping you awake at a gig you normally would fall asleep at. This is flat out, paddle to the metal, unadulterated beefy Rock 'n Roll. I saw White Cowbell Oklahoma yesterday night and loved the show they did, b.t.w. I need a beer. Cheers!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Derek Trucks Band Live at WYEP Studio on 2007-05-24

Wohoo, one of my favorite artist you can listen to also. It's just an audio stream, enjoy!

Derek Trucks Band Live at WYEP Studio on 2007-05-24

Ryan Bingham the latest discovery

I guess the last time I really was surprised by the music or hit where I life was listening to Derek Trucks. The last few months I've been blown away by Ryan Bingham groovy, dry alternative country rock? I don't know if that's the right name or label for the songs he write. And I mean he really can writes songs, that's what they are. Not overproduced because the song are strong enough to stand on their own feet. But why listen to me jabbering while you could experience Ryan in an audience recorded videoclip? Enjoy!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

JooX Get it while it's hot!

While Joost is gathering more and more momentum by opening up to the public. JooX is it's pirate brother that sails the world wide ocean called the Internet. Taking no prisoners and leaving no one behind in it's hunt for treasures. But like a modern Robin Hood JooX shares it treasures with you.

JooX features what we, the internet user, share via the bit torrent network! So grab your popcorn ask your mom for a big glass of Cola or a bag of chips. Call, text or MSN all your friends to come over and have a big old pajama party!


Honey have you seen the dog? Honey?

I like this.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hemelvaart! Wat is het?

"Hemelvaart wat is dat nou? Wat heb je er aan? Is het een feest om te vieren dat Jezus naar huis mocht, de hemel? Om daar herenigd te worden met zijn vader? Een perverseling die maagden neukt in hun slaap! Of is het om te vieren dat hij dan eindelijk is opgezout met zijn geneuzel en gewauwel? Ik heb zelf het idee dat hij de grondlegger was van carnaval in zijn puurste vorm, gewoon om de lol! En dat er een paar sufferds het feest van het leven hebben aangezien voor een monster. Een monster die mensen voor even van hun angsten en zorgen kon bevrijden en het leven leefbaar maakten. En hun, al was het voor heel even, voor de gevestigde orde onhandelbaar maakte."

J.P.P aka El Gordo/Lightning-Rod Man

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down!

Don't do it

The Band, a band that I've know about and liked the music of. But never dove into until the last two weeks and let me tell you the about the musical wealth I stumbled upon. But why wouldn't I just show you a clip and let you find out what I'm talking about. Two clips, two songs for you to enjoy!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ikea commercial



Ha, fun this is.

Cravendale Milk

Wow, I love the simplicity of the art direction.

Mmmmmm Smarties

Cool idea and I love the execution.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Just some designs

Well, I wanted to show some stuff I have done just for fun. Just some stuff I walked around with and wanting to make something. not to fancy, look at them as just statements. All I had was a basic thought and I wanted to do some stuff as minimalistic as possible.

Friday, May 11, 2007

No ribs, no juice!

Ha, lol. Well, we all know it's true!

No ribs, no juice.
LifeStyles Ribbed Condoms.


Stop the extermination

Nice ad with great art direction.

Every year thousands of dolphins are dying in drift nets. Stop the extermination. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Something inside of you is thirsty!

Wow, i really like the art direction and the copy. I mean 'Something inside of you is thirsty' combined with the brandname Taboo. Just great!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Low Fat Sealect Tuna!

Funny stuff!

Ray Ban Goes Viral

Hmmm, Ray Ban goes viral. While it's a nice trick they pull with sun glasses and the video is popular on YouTube. I have my doubts if sales will go up more then with a 'general' campaign.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A small interview with Monaux

To keep up with the ever changing world we at work have a blog so we can show the world what moves us and keeps us on our toes. I as a part of the senior creative team have to contribute form my field of interest. I've decide I want to contribute at least with a featured artist of the month. This month is Karl Kwanzy aka Monaux where I did a short interview with. Below you can see what makes him tick and you can push the following link to go to his site and admire his work.

Tell something about yourself.
I’m twenty-two years old. I’ve been illustrating/designing professionally for a few years now and it truly is what I want to be doing with my life. I have a massive array of interests, flaws, vices and passions, which I try to incorporate into my work as much as possible. I’m fascinated by the notion of innocence (particularly innocence as it relates to religion,) religious iconography and doctrine, death, flawed hand-drawn type and type in general (my favourite typeface is Bodoni), sex, colour, habits, the nature of bigotry... the list goes on. Being a freelance designer/illustrator allows me to essentially work from anywhere in the world as long as I have my pencils/pens, my sketchbook, my laptop and access to the internet. I am currently living in Winnipeg, Canada for a few months, but I am originally from Brisbane, Australia. I finished my bachelor of design and decided that it was just time to get away.

Why are you an artist?
Because it’s the one thing I truly love doing.

What artists have influenced you, and how?
I’ve had many influences over the years. John Wayshak, James Jean, Rockin’ Jellybean, Trevor Brown, my friends Sam and Philip. I’m always inspired by artists who try to do something that has not been tried before. Trevor Brown in particular is a hero of mine because he paints what he feels he should paint, despite the fact that he will never get the recognition he deserves by doing so.

What's inspires you to make the things you do?
Ideas generally just pop into my head, or come into existence when I put pen to paper. I draw inspiration from everything around me, really, and travelling has been excellent for that.

How would do discribe your work to a blind person?
Curvy, happy, roboplegic wrong-cock.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?
I’d recommend not taking any computer shortcuts and doing everything by hand. Computers are satan’s own invention.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully extremely successful, making enough money from freelancing to live very comfortably. Maybe married, probably not.

I have a wish!

I know I'm referring to Martin Luther Kings famous quote I have a dream. But I really do have a wish. Well maybe even not a wish because you wish what's not easily attainable. And this might take some time saving up some money but could be attained in 2 months I guess. So, what am I wishing for and how did this came to be?

While I just moved in to my new home last December I've always let some room (not physically speaking) for myself to play a little with the spaces I have. I mean, this sounds a bit artistic, I wanted to get to know the house her spaces and the vibes she sends out before investing money in decoration or anything else. That's why I bought some stuff cheap or kept some items as a temporary solution which wouldn't be a big deal if I decided to ditch it really quickly. So, what do I wish for? It actually hasn't anything to do with furniture just yet. Or maybe it does. The thing is I decide to make a list in what I would want for myself in my home and what my wish would cost.

I've been looking what kind of solution I would want audio visually wise. I personally think CD as audio carriers are backdated just as DVD's as AV carriers and don't use CD's anymore. I do buy CD's but then convert them and put them in iTunes and listen to music on my iPod or iMac. And have decide the following. I want a Mac mini with wireless house and keyboard, connected to my T.V.. Meaning I could use it as a true digital hub for all my AV wishes. But I also need a new solution for an amp and speakers and while searching I came across two solution I find interesting and are in the price range I think is reasonable. I now will lay them before you (sounds heavy I know) so you can try and decide if I have become decadent.

Ferguson Hill Mini Speaker System

I love the shape and the fact they are transparent. As a set between 700 and 800 Euro's.

Scandyna Minipod Speakers

Wow, what can I say, I have to say I sorta decided I want these, I love the design! And the best part these aren't crappy speakers and also have an amp in the same design line! I don't know the price of the amp but the speakers are around 300 Euro's per speaker.

So that's my wish. Cheers

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Schick Shave Lab

I wasn't aware of this brand nor it's online campaign. And even though they use a lot of dried up clichés it is funny as hell, or maybe a little less. Okay, graphically speaking it's not so appealing but still good. Go check out their website click on the Experiment link.


Kah Ra Shin

Kah Ra Shin is a global, cathartic movement founded in late 19th century by Mr venerable Sama Shin. Devotees join in ritual destruction to rid many angers immediately. Happy time.

A brilliant online concept by W+K Amsterdam & USSR, beautiful design with powerful graphics that makes you break stuff and find your 'happy center'.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Can I get a wohoo!

You are what you eat, that's what people say sometimes. In that case I must be a very pleasing and tasteful person, lol. But that's not the reason why I'm writing this entry to my blog. All I wanted to say and show is that I've eaten my very first meal in my 'garden' because I've bought my very first table and chair set for my garden. And I just wanted to show that on my blog.

I've also had the chance to update my FLICKR account with some pictures. You can access them straight from here by just clicking the links below.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Comedy Central

Wow, or should I say lol? A great campaign for Comedy Central, how a sketch could explain a sketch. Great and simple art direction!

It's just a piece of plastic!

MasterCard campaign, simple and clear, lovely art direction btw.