Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An Interview with Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes

On february the 3rd 1995 The Black Crowes played at the Musikhalle, in Köln, Germany. Chris gave an interview for german televisions program 'Rocklife', where he speaks freely about his musical influences, bootlegs and such.

This recording of the interview is as far as I know not in the general trading cirle. I have it ready for you to watch on YouTube. The only things is it's private, and in order for you to see this video you must become a friend on YouTube, you all are welcome.

The video is cut up in 4 parts. All the parts have the following in them.

Part 01
- Intro Chris
- No Speak No Slave
- Interview Chris

Part 02
- My Morning Song > Jam

Part 03
- Interview Chris
- Hard to Handle
- Interview Chris

Part 04
- Wisertime

Please leave your email adress so I can send you an invite!

Soon more and not only of The Black Crowes will be available for the YouTube friends!

It's not the best audio quality btw, still very watchable


lourdess777 said...

dude, thanks!...PMd you on the Amorica site with an email addy; can't wait to see this.

Go Well

El Gordo said...

Invite send =)

Anonymous said...

This looks incredible, I pm'd you on Amorica site as well. peace.

thunderstruck said...

hey there! oops old post... but can i see a video? i dig this a lot!