Friday, March 10, 2006

Project DVD # 01

DVD # 01
The Black Crowes
- 17 November 1992 - E-Werk - Köln, Germany
- 01 December 1992 - Ahoy Sportpaleis - Rotterdam, Holland

This DVD is of a famous gig the Black Crowes did in Germany as a part of there the High as the Moon tour. There are two version floating around in the bootleg trading-scene. One is a Scratchmonkey DVD Productions, the other a Archive Master Series. The Rotterdam parts I would like to add to complete this document.

Now, why would I bring out another copy of that show? Well the Scratchmonkey version can use some improvement, the quality of the video stream is nice but my source is clearer, but the Archive Master Series is almost flawless. Click here for a comparison of screenshots from my source (EG) and Scratchmonkey's source (SM).

Trust me when I say that the Archive Master Series has the most detail, but the more detail is not noticeable when looking at the video stream in motion. It is only noticeable when you look at the picture frame by frame. So that leaves a chance for me to make another release. With A fully Black Crowes High as the Moon menu and cover-art.

There are some steps to be taken before this project is finished. For one I need to give it a name. I need to 'enhance' the audio because it sounds to thin, not much lows and a lot of highs. Menu-art, cover-art.

Tonight I hope to finish up the audio, add some more bass, a clearer sounding cymbal, just a bit more oomph!


Anonymous said...

He man,

Geweldige website! Ik was bij dat concert van the Black Crowes in Ahoy Rotterdam. Nooit gedacht dat ik van die legendarische show ooit nog beelden terug zou zien. Die opening met gordijnen van lampjes zal ik niet snel vergeten. Zou jij mij ajb kunnen helpen aan een copie van die dvd? Ik zou je eeuwig dankbaar zijn.


Martijn Bosch (zie onderaan je video's)

El Gordo said...


Geen probleem, gewoon mijn blog in de gaten houden en ik regel wel wat voor je =)

Lightning Rod Man

T-nus said...

Ok koel....ik wacht het wel af :)