Friday, May 26, 2006

My London Trip

Here are some pictures I shot, for more click here!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More bootlegs

I had some ideas for another Black Crowes bootleg I want to do, I'm not really that happy with the back of the DVD cover, but have a look and tell me what you think.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Festival season

I believe the open-air music-festivals are about to kick off a new season. And one of them is the Pinkpop festival, which is there 36st in a row. That means that they are the longest running open-air music-festival in the world.

Little Feat - Cold Cold Cold

Artist like the Golden Earring, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, Captain Beefheart, Little Feat, The Kinks, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Peter Tosh, The Police, Madness, ZZ Top, Mink De Ville, The Red Devils, The Black Crowes and many more have played on the Pinkpop stage.

All I wanted to do with this small article is to introduce some footage of this festival.

Black Crowes - Hard to Handle

To watch the entire concert of the Black Crowes all you have to click here for the playlist.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Iceman

Once every so often in any sport, or art for that matter, there's somebody that refines or redefines greatness. In this case it's Dennis Bergkamp that, as stated by the legendary Frank Rijkaard, made football (soccer for Americans) attractive to watch. A player with the gift that everybody would want. He was for many the reason to go to a football game. Today is his last day as a professional football player for his team Arsenal. Today the Gunners will play the Champions league final against Barcelona. The movie above is my tribute to a player that deserves the status of GOD in the football world.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Amorica or Bust - DVD

Yes folks, another Bootleg DVD! This time a Black Crowes DVD click here and here (for the last link you need to be a YouTube friend) for the playlist on YouTube. Click here for the Dime a Dozen link to the torrentpage.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Update - Red Devils DVD

Live at Pinkpop 1993

The project is finished and being servered at I do this with almost any bootleg DVD I make, I share it via Bittorrent. So go over to, sign yourself up for an account, download and share some bandwith and don't forget to enjoy!

Direct link to torrentpage
Click here

From now on this blog is also approachable with the following URL, that will also be the place where my new blog is going to be setup in the next few months (not faster, this is a sideproject). So bookmark the URL!

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Red Devils DVD!

Wohoo, I'm almost finished with the Red Devils DVD, It's short but intens. Look here for the songs on the DVD I posted on YouTube and look above for the DVD Cover.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Raw, Real and Raunchy. The Red Devils Part 01

The Red Devils live at Pinkpop Festival in The Netherlands

The Red Devils, a Hollywood based Chicago Blues band, took the blues scene by storm around 1992 with their raw, real and raunchy approach to the blues. I remember reading a review in a music magazine describing their album as the best blues record in about the last 40 years. After listening to the record at the local record-shop I couldn't agree more with the reviewer an bought the album. King King it's called and if you don't have it yet, go out and buy it, trust me it's worth your money.

I could go and talk about the tragic death of the lead-singer and harmonica player, Lester Butler, but if you google some you find enough info. I just stumbled on some VHS tapes I had lying around of the Pinkpop Festival in 1993, which I also attended, to see the Red Devils and The Black Crowes. And you guessed it it has footage of the Red Devils on it. That made me realize that this is one of those bands that I somehow forgot and have little story to tell about. I have seen them three times, could've seen them four times and why I didn't see them four times I will explain.

The first time I saw them was at Pinkpop. The second time I saw them was at De Lantaarn, a small venue in a town called Hellendoorn, on a saturday night. I remember that I and my good friend Henk booked a hotel to stay the night. Here we were, two 17 year olds at a fairly classy hotel, looking and smelling a bit to much like Rock & Roll. Henk tried to pay with his debit-card which the machine didn't accept. This to classy looking guy behind the counter didn't look surprised because this was the exact thing he was hoping for so he could kick us out.

Henk insisted that the man should check his machine, because he was sure he had the money on his bank-account. Henk tried to pay again, the machine still refused to do his job. Eventually the guy check the machine and the error code it was showing and noticed that the time on the pin-machine wasn't right and that was causing the problem. So we did get our room and we went to the gig.

Read more soon

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dirty Delicious!

Isn't it typical that some pieces of art just know how to hit you and you don't know why. That the paintin or song somehow stays a mistery to you and you actually want to keep it that way. That it surprises and touches you everytime you see it. I will show you some work of Jason Levesque and tell you what I think about it and why I think I like the work he makes. And I know what I just said about keeping it a mistery, but that doesn't take away the fact i still would like to know.

Untill now I've only featured music and now it's time to feature other things. Like most of my articles on my blog I let the artist speak for themself by there work. This time I will do the same and hope the artist isn't botherd by me posting some of his work. Before giving this my review I would like to be know that I'm not an art critic, I'm just an Art Director for an Advertsing/Communications Company.


I'm a big fan of the female form and I noticed that I have the tendency to like artist that use the female form as the leading subject also. His interpretation reminds me a lot of the work of Alfons Mucha. Using the female form and with slight expression of disinterest on the subjects part. I see an ode and respect to female form, but not in a trashy way.

In this case again I see a resemblens to Mucha's work. The outlines, the flatness of the work.

He, the artist, described his work as "Dirty Delicious", I guess because of the slight erotic/fetish undertone in his work. I havn't discoverd much of a theme other then females in not so commen situations. And that works, it creates tention that makes the artwork worth looking at. But sometimes it's just a twist in a leg that gives the picture more meaning.


I just love this guys work and might one day have his piece of art hanging at my house. Again the female subject are to die for and the work keeps surprising me.

More info:

Monday, May 01, 2006

Not that I'm a Neil Young fan, but the fact that he's bringing this one for free and as a protest against the Bush administration, made me decide to put it up here. Oh, and some friends of mine are Neil Young fans. Go, Neil, Go, enjoy his album right here!

Click here for the album

Golden Oldie: Gotta have more cowbell

Okay, this one has been arround for a while. And every so often you need to see this one, but it could've used more cowbell.

Get Your Leeds Lungs Out

Mahna Mahna, let the muppets cheer you up!