Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mescalito, the new Ryan Bingham album

Okay, most musicians and their record labels use any excuse to generate a buzz around them. The 'honest card' has been played multiple times and most of the time the musicians never follow through. Because they are just not as genuine as they say they are. Because non of the song, they have written them selfs or they rather show up at award ceremonies and be popular. In this case it's not just music marketing mumbo jumbo, it's the real deal, no tricks, no cards being hold back.

The first time I heard some of his song I knew I had to buy his record Dead Horses. His second album 'Mescalito' is coming out this October, the 3rd of October to be exact. And though it sounds more produced and less raw then the other, I'm buying it again.

The making of Mescalito

I like his raw voice and simplistic approach to his songs. Not that these songs are simple of thoughts or simple music. But rather give him an acoustic guitar and an amp and I'm sure he could out perform many musician just with his songs and not virtuous guitar play. He's a songwriter of the old tradition. He's Ryan Bingham.

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