Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm an auditory learner

I did a test which told me that I'm right-brained. The test also showed that I'm an auditory learner. Read all about it below.

Auditory learners tend to focus on auditory stimuli — things that they hear — when learning new information. They probably get a lot out of lectures and are able to process speeches quickly and accurately. In fact, readings might not make as much sense to them until they've heard a supporting lecture to emphasize the written word and they're more likely to listen to a lecture first and then take notes once they've processed the information.

Auditory learners probably prefer to speak someone's phone number out loud to memorize it than bother with writing it on a piece of paper they're going to lose anyway. They remember things by repeating them and probably prefer hearing instructions instead of wading through a written set of rules and directions. Auditory learners are better at making their points through talking rather than writing. This isn't to say they don't ever rely on their eyes instead of their ears. Of course there are numerous instances, which call for them to do so. All this really means is that they're predisposed to learning through hearing. This in part is what makes most auditory learners strong communicators, adept at socializing and communicating in face-to-face situations.

About 30% of people are auditory learners.

What these differences mean for you?
As a predominantly auditory learner, you likely find aural stimuli much more compelling and comprehensible than visual stimuli. To varying degrees, visual learners tend to feel that if they can't hear it, then they won't be able to properly synthesize it. You might feel a tenuous hold on information that is not presented aurally. You might even attempt to turn visual information into a aural cue you can use by speaking a reading out loud or listening to yourself go over the directions. These are the safeguards you might subconsciously take to trigger your memory on the subject at hand.

The flip side is that you are likely to feel quite confident when information is presented to you aurally. In fact, you are likely to feel more capable of grasping higher-level concepts that are presented through verbal words or sounds than simpler concepts that are presented in written signs.

To varying degrees, auditory learners tend to feel that if they hear it, then it might as well have not happened — that's how shallowly the information is going to be processed if it is not presented in sound. On the other hand, when information is presented aurally, you probably find yourself having no problem remembering it. Provided you can always control how information is presented to you, this auditory dominance is not a problem. However, our lives are complex, varied, and not entirely under our control. Hence, it behooves us all to learn to learn in different ways if we hope to continue to achieve and succeed.

Auditory learning is your strong suit; view it as such, as opposed to the only way in which you can learn. Visual learning is not only another option, but it is often a necessary addition to one's cognitive landscape. Very often, there will simply not be adequate time or opportunity to have information recited to you, and instead you will have to work off of written notes or other visual cues. It is interesting to note once again that visual learners tend to be very good writers, while auditory learners tend to excel in spoken communication. If you feel you would like to broaden you auditory-based abilities, perhaps you could consider viewing the visual process as an auditory one. When you are reading something, try to hear the words being spoken — or even consider reading them aloud to yourself, if need be. If you can transform visual processes into auditory ones using similar, creative methods, then you will be able to transition your mind into a visual modality, and thereby, vastly broaden your horizons. From

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Wauw! een luisterleerling en dat is maar 30% van de wereldbevolking... ik wil een handtekening van je mijnheer Jort! Maar ik denk als iedereen gaat hardlopen dat er veel meer luisterleerlingen gaan opstaan. voor tips: