Monday, September 24, 2007

Copyright is censorship

We all learn from each other, and everything surrounding us we use, thus it's an influence. If I was to give credit to everything I say or do, to where it originated from. I wouldn't be able to say or do anything. That being said I would like to repeat the heading 'Copyright is censorship'. I feel that I, in actuality, don't own a thing. Yes it's in my house or whatever but what makes it mine? By 'human' law it's mine but in a philosophical sense it's just there. It doesn't have a conscious sense of what it is or where it's from and it doesn't have the ability to decide where to go. Those 'values' are given by us human to objects.

Why is copyright censorship? Imagine that somebody invented copyright while the cavemen ruled the world? What if Napoleon decided to claim copyrights over war? I feel that we, as humans, should have the chance to use each others knowledge more without the danger of being sued for copyright violations/infringements. Look at YouTube, a playground for video enthusiast, rip, mix and upload. In my eyes those are clips are honest expressions by the diverse internet community. Why do record labels want clips to be taken down? It's the best kind of advertising they can have. Excuse me for my rant but that's how I feel.

The real reason for this article is a article on another blog that showed how much the writers and directors use movies and tv-series as their influence. Click on this link for the comparisons.


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siddhi said...

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