Monday, June 11, 2007

I love the beach!!!

Every year we go somewhere with work to do some 'team building'. Maybe not team building because most of us are very close, maybe even to close but that's a whole different story. Last weekend we went to the beach. To do some power kiting and to play some volleyball. The party pooper I am I decide not to participate in all of those activities. However, while my colleagues were hanging on to a kite and trying to save their life's I was taking pictures. But mostly I was focussed on the ground looking at shells in a variety of colors.

While my eyes are being drawn to the ground looking a shells and colors I was wondering if I wasn't to old for that. I came to the conclusion that I wasn't, I'm just very curious in a visual sense. The thing is that those shells have such a natural color scheme that it becomes eerie to say the least. And they are so easily overlooked.

And while everybody was sweating their ass off playing beach volleyball I and my acomplice Almeric where checking out the bar to see if it was up to standard =P.

But why do I love the beach? Well, I off course have been to a beach before but that was such a longtime ago that I forgot how it really was. I like it especially at night. First you grab a bite to eat, then you'll have some drinks and then you just watch the sun go down. It's a relaxing experience and I loved it.

Cheers & click here for the pics

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