Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What the hug!

What is it about a hug that I like. Or what most huggers like. Besides it being a way to show each other some affection. It's a pleasing activity, don't think that I'm a poly hugger, I'm what you might call serial hugger. But the I only hug people I care about and not that I'm a hug junky, I can go days or weeks without a hug.

But what's up with those tree huggers? I just don't get it, what freakishly twisted planet do they come from. For treehug enthusiast and there environmental conscious friends there's even a website. Why would one hug a tree, did that tree asked to be hugged? Is it some weird ancient appreciation of the Phallus maybe? And why don't you ever see people hug a cactus? A cactus also has feeling, at least when you believe a tree does.

Why doesn't anybody that's really into the environment and tree hugging develop a suit for hugging cactus? Shouldn't there be some pioneer that arranges tree hugging festival and trips? Going extreme tree hugging in the desert with the wild cactus or in the jungle at the top of the tree? And why do they only hug the stem of the tree? Why?

How much longer will it take for people to recognise that they are car huggers, or bike huggers or computer huggers? What has this world come to? All I know is that all tree hugger should also hug a cactus because that's just the most honest thing to do. They should also start wearing t-shirt at tree hugger convention with text like 'Hug extreme - Hug a catus' or 'Real men hug a catus'.

If anyone cares to comment let me say your welcome to do so.

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