Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guerrilla Marketing!!!

Wohoo, a small advertising campaign I did got mentioned in printed version of a magazine for entrepreneurs called Bizz. Not the first time work got some attention by the press by the way =) This time it's about guerrilla marketing witch some may even call urban spam.

This year we, the advertising agency I work at, did a case for free. We decided to work for a pop/movie theater called Gigant. There visual identity was lost so to speak. Meaning that they used to have one but anything that was made to promote a concert or movie lacked any kind of visual or textual reference to Gigant. To many styles and designs where mixed with each other making it unrecognizable as a Gigant promotion. They also had a bad image.

We offered them to help find there visual identity, the whole process I will not tell because it could become boring one. They got a new visual identity and we also offered them to help them promote them in a better way then before. They wanted to throw a party for the occasion of having a new way to present themselves. We came with the idea, mostly because of a tight budget to go for guerrilla marketing. We pasted downtown Apeldoorn with missing coyote posters, a buzz was going around town and we ended up announcing that the coyote had been found and to celebrate that fact Gigant had a Fressssch Weekend!.

Now one thing that I don't like about the article is that it makes it seems like all we did is make some posters for them. Arghhh, we initiated the whole thing of renewing there identity. Not them, I came with the guerrilla marketing strategy w.t.f! They have been nominated for it before for being the best pop music podium in the Netherlands. So please give credit where it's due I think. But still nice it's been picked out and placed between all the big agencies in the Netherlands. So here's to everyone that thinks that a small agency without a big worldwide network can't make an impression on this world, =P

What is guerrilla marketing?

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