Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I have the flu!

Well I have the flu so that's why I haven't posted the last few days. And I'm really getting tired of feeling ill. I now have the tendency to get mad about having the flu cause I don't want to keep taking those painkillers/aspirins or any other drug to make this day less of a painful one. I mean my muscle are aching, my body is shaking and on top of that my nose is congested with, yes you guessed it, snot! I've really, really, really had it with this flu!

Cheers and don't forget your to enjoy your health you lucky bastards. I do have some previously unfinished articles I might post just for the fun of it.

1 comment:

siddhi said...

didn't know you still had the flue,sorry to read that, we will see you on friday, love and kisses siddhi