Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weary & Wired - review

Photography by Matt Wignall

I just got a copy of the new album from Marc Ford, Weary & wired. I and will review this funky, hot, greasy, guitar fueled smokey souped up Ford like there is no tomorrow. Okay, I might be blurred by the fact that he's one of my favorite guitarist of all time.

I've thought reviewing it song by song but that, to me, wouldn't be fair. Almost reviewing if it was an album singles wouldn't suffice. That makes come to a conclusion, already? yes already!, that this is an album. Not just a collections of song that sound nice. What I've missed in the last few albums of the Black Crowes I find here. A greasy, southern and sometimes western sound, dirty and rough but honest. Not an attempt to fit in but an attempt to pan out, a glance in Marc musical mind that I find very pleasing.

From a great opener and the fast-paced Featherweight Dreamland setting the tone for the whole record to the closing with funky, jazzy, horns blowin', instrumental straight up The Big Callback. This record shows Marc Ford talent as superb and versatile musician and instrumentalist. My favorites on the album are Featherweight Dreamland, The Other Side, Smoke Signals, Greasy Chicken, Medicine Time, The Same Thing, Running Man Blues, The Big Callback. This album, that's screaming out of my speakers right now is filled with funky riffs, laid back beats and bluesy, screamy and smelly solo's surprising me in every bit. Hats off for Marc 'Fuckin' Ford! Still I can't stop imagining the Robinson brothers regretting the fact that he left the band and, besides the solo's, never letting him co-write songs.

My advice? Buy this fucker! Cheers.

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