Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Apple TV hacked!

I've been wondering if I should write about this because I though it would've been world news by now. But it seems that news is traveling slower these days. But within a few days of release the Apple TV has been hacked. I seems to run a modified version of Mac OS X, Apple Inc.'s operating system, which makes it easy to throw on some other software to enable a different video and audio codecs besides standard codecs iTunes support.

So what have these wonderful nerds done. Embrace and feed your local nerds people, they are vital to a healthy hack enviroment! Okay, focus, what have they done? From now one you're able to upgrade the smallish 40 gig hard drive.

You can install all kinds of codecs or play movies in VLC if you don't like frontrow. If you want to be kept up to date just bookmark www.appletvhacks.net.


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siddhi said...

you have been busy lately, all those beautiful things, but man I love it. Mom