Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who want's some Tom Petty

I'm wondering who would want to see some Tom Petty uploaded on YouTube. Recorded live, the 23rd of April 1999 in Germany. I you would like to see some Mr. Petty please let it know by replying to this article.

I'm really wondering if anyone will respond.

As a small update I added a playlist with about Tom Petty clips on YouTube. Featuring songs like, Mary Jane's Last Dance, I Won´t Back Down, Free Falling, The Great Wide Open just to name a few, Enjoy!!!

1 comment:

Trigger said...

Hi Jort,
Yup, I'd like to see some Tom Petty! He always knocks me off my feet, I'm sure he'll do so in this vid as well. Thanx for uploading!