Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Master that plays Disaster

Wohoo, a few week ago there was this annual JazzFest in the Netherlands that's called North Sea Jazz Festival. I visited it three times and seen legends as Stanley Clarke, Omar Harkim, Herbie Hancock, Trilok Gutru some others and one of my favorite Jazz Guitarist Larry Coryell.

This year they also had Jeff Beck, to me a legend, I love the live album he did with the Jan Hammer Group in the seventies. It just so happened that he played a song from that album called Scatterbrain and Dutch television aired it and I found it on YouTube made a playlist so you could enjoy the whole thing.

This playlist starts with Scatterbrain moves to Nadia shifts to Lopsy Lu supported by Stanley Clarke.

I like Jeff Beck because he sounds really rough and that is his trade mark. The most fun is that you can here how much guitar guru's Joe Satriani and Steve Vai took from him. Only they both are from the 'it has to sound shiny and slick' period, which count for there flawless technique.

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