Monday, July 31, 2006

Interior Design & Styling

So, I'm going to move to my new house in December. And I, of course, still have to look around and save up some money to buy some new furniture and such. The bathroom I'm not going to do myself because I'm not good at that this means that I also have to shop around for some contractor. No big problems, but it still needs to be taken care off.

That made me think of what I could do with my living room,
Now I never really put any thought in styling in my house before, but this time I'm going to do it differently. I played around in photoshop, to see what some this could do to a room. I thought that making the floor board black or grey. Mind you these are just a few ideas not this I want to do exactly. Look at the pictures for the experiments. Look at the original as a reference.


Design with original floor, accents in brown

Design with grey and black floor, accents in blue

Design with grey and black floor, accents in grey

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ssiddhi said...

oeieoei, wat somber dat black and grey the lightest brown looked better and you can do better. love and kisses mum