Saturday, September 23, 2006

A personal note!

So I have a bad case (is there any other?) of love-sickness and I'm wondering what's purpose it has. Really think about it, you or the other breaks-up the relationship and you feel bad. What's the whole purpose in that mechanism?

I understand that when falling in love, you have the urge to be with the other and make lots of love. That, I'm not a specialist, could be because our nature is to reproduce. Having intercourse with each other a few times a day should take care of that, right?

Now, in that light, why does leaving a person hurt so much. I mean, even when you know its the better thing to do? It's weird, isn't it? So far I've found different kinds of love sicknesses on the web.

  1. People who cannot cope with the intensity of love, have been destabilised by falling in love.
  2. People who suffer on account of their love being unrequited.
I guess I'm in the latter and I chose to be so. The thing is that, I'm a person that goes by his gut feeling, hence the love sickness, but chose because of previous experiences (I'm a veteran) not to relive such drama's again. Still it's feels like crap.

I thought that being 31 would change some things, besides knowing what's coming next it feels just as crappy. I guess by the time I'm 80 I would still the same thing. Did this article change anything for me? It didn't and I didn't expect it would. So I'm off to the pub and try to drink my sorrows away with a friend of mine LOL.


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