Saturday, August 19, 2006


So, what do these letters stand for, what does this mean? It's really simple but first I have to explain the following. I've been single for quite a while now, not that that's boring or anything. Being single has it's benefits, you can do what you want and who ever you want. Not that I'm the suave Don Juan type, I just need more to really not minding a commitment. BTW I've been more of a 'sologamist' then anything else if you know what I mean.

For long I've been single and loving it, I still do. But now I just would like to see what's out there in this wonderful world and see if I could find a sweet open-mindeded female. So I decided to sign up with a sort of partners searching service called Parship. Somehow for me it's a kind of experiment that I maybe will share here or on a different blog in Dutch or English.

So the letters stand for Single Male Looking for Female.


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siddhi said...

Nu weet ik waarom je over moed met mij praat, daar heb je moed voor nodig en zon prachtig exemplaar als jij bent, misschien niet Don Juan, maar wel zijn broertje, lijkt het me jou met je onderscheidingsvermogen wel te zullen lukken enne niet geschoten altijd mis, Love you Siddhi