Monday, August 28, 2006

Share The Ride!

About a week ago I released some of the DVD's, I also mentioned that I was working on those DVD's. Here is some artwork and the links to where you could start and download them. Please don't forget that these DVD's are for trading only and not for sale. Also these are for you all or a friend, a friend of a friend of your sisters or brothers friend, your family, neighbor, you name it, your dog might even like it or your fish or cat or parot.

All these DVD's are AV upgrades, that means new and clearer sources. Oh, and I made them =P


17 November 1992 - E-Werk - Köln, Germany
Info link, torrent link


03 February 1995, Musikhalle, Köln, Germany
Info link, torrent link

Yes, there are more!
The following links are for DVD's that have been seeded for a while and haven't lost there momentum. Grab them while you can.


November 15, 1996 - Grugahalle - Essen, Germany
Info link, torrent link


Amorica or Bust
Info link 1, 2, torrent link


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