Monday, November 03, 2008

We need more vintage Hulk

Hi good folks,

We need more vintage Hulk! And with that I mean the uncomplicated, the reactions pure on instinct, more screaming, more yelling when you feel like it! The fun thing I think about the Hulk, which it also makes is interesting, is that even though he is a brute, he in actuality is a nice person that hates injustice. Hulk is a reactionary character that lives from the heart. Of course the world surrounding us is to complicated and we life by social rules of engagement. Still I feel that we should speak and act more form the heart, whatever it is. So If you always fancied hugging a tree but never dared too, hug a tree. If your mission in life is to gain as much economical wealth, go for it, but do it from the heart. Feel what you believe and believe what you feel.

That's what I mean by we need more Hulk!

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