Sunday, November 23, 2008 Democratization initiatives in the Middle East

In December I'm going to attend a forum called in Beirut Lebanon. I and a friend of mine are going to teach people there how to market their democratization initiatives in the Middle East. is a web-based platform that couples society changing projects, short, cheap and innovative, by a younger generation in the wider Middle East with individual donors in the West, the Netherlands who want to make a direct impact.

The mission of is to support ‘democratizers’ and democratization initiatives in the Middle East, local activists and initiatives that target society and politics. A democratic and inclusive society and political system is the main condition for peace, justice and human security in the Middle East. Democratization from below is the way to change stagnant states, social and cultural structures in the region aims to be an engine for social and political change that generates inspiration and ideas, resulting in concrete actions. An engine that fuels the capacities for political change and innovation in the region and creates links between East and West.

Now something different!

V.B.S. T.V - Back In Beirut episodes

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