Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ryan Bingham Live in Amsterdam

Wednesday while being ill and high on painkillers and such I went to see Ryan Bingham at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. I've tried to keep my composure and don't know if it was the combination of painkillers and beer but i had to yell like a cowboy a few times. The thing was that I've shouldn't have gone because I was still pretty ill the next day. I still had the chance to meet Liam who opened the whole European endeavor for Ryan and spoke to Ryan's drummer. Good folks who like good music. I took pictures but I was so shaky by fever, painkillers and beer they all turned out crap.

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Fd said...

go at and you'll listen to some songs of Ryan. I recorded and mixed these songs when he played in Paris, at the Connolly's corner, january the 2nd of 2008, with Stephane Beaussart (Banjo, Dobro, Slide guitar).
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