Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who's Liam Gerner?

It's funny how MySpace has brought me more good music these days then what friends bring in. Ryan Bingham, Shurman and Patty Griffin to name a few. It's also funny that most of that music the musicians try to reach me by sending a friend request. And sometimes they even write a message to go along with it. A few days ago I got one from Liam Gerner he'll be supporting Ryan Bingham on his European mini tour.

Spotted by Peter Gabriel while playing for miners and tourists in is native land Australia, he was asked to perform at WOMAD, first in Australia, then in the UK. Which gave him the chance to headline several shows in London England.

Now to his music. It wouldn't surprise me if people compare his voice to that of John Mayer. But the fun thing is that he changes his phrasing in per song. While the song Clear Mind reminds you John Mayer the song Metal Horses reminds me of Ben Harper. But this is not to say he mimics artists, he sounds honest, has a strong voice and is quiet a good guitarist. I don't have his record so I really can't go into detail but all I've heard so far sounds very promising.

So don't hesitate to visit his MySpace page and have a listen also check out the tour dates, maybe you could go and see a show. I'm gonna see him on January 16th because he'll be opening for Ryan Bingham.

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