Monday, October 08, 2007

Women, you can't live with them ...

"Women, you can't live with them ... ... and yet they are everywhere" are the famous and wise words of Harry S. Solomon. Harry is a fictional character in the sitcom called 3rd Rock From The Sun. I believe it's in the first, second or third episode that he makes this remark, because he, as an alien, doesn't understand women. That itself isn't that weird, I mean, I don't plan on ever understanding women. Or spending to many hours trying to understand their train of thought, it's one of those things that keep life fun. That way things happen that are unexpected and keeps things fresh. Females might call it nonchalance or uninterested, I call it "if you want me to understand you, then be more obvious". In all fairness, it's not to be stubborn, it's just that I don't understand females. That brings me to where I would like to talk about.

So far I've experienced it too many times, so it can't be an incident. So here it goes :) I must say it's because of it's repetitive character that I started to get curious. But, there could be a very big chance (as I never understand women) that I just don't understand. Why do the women that I have had intimate relationships with and we didn't work out. Have the tendency to nourish me? Maybe nourish is the wrong word, so correct me if I'm wrong. I don't mean just that they would like to be friends, I really mean nourish.

Let me explain, a few weeks back I had a short text exchange with such a lady. In the last text she said 'You are beautiful human being with a fantastic personality'(Je bent een mooi mens met een fantastische persoonlijkheid). It's not that I put much value to that personally, but how many people would you describe like that? Why, would you say that, what's the use? So, after a week I text back with the same question I ask you. So far she hasn't reacted, why should she right? Well It's not like there is anything left between us so I assumed that she react.

But so far I've always experienced that. So why do women do that? Nourish their old love I mean.


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