Sunday, October 14, 2007

So I've met Derek Trucks

Last Thursday I've flew over to go to London do see Derek Trucks and meet up with Andy and Jeff and his wife whom I know from the forum. It was great fun meeting the guys and before the gig I ran into the bass player Todd Smallie. Kofi (the keyboard player) threw me his setlist and to top that I've met Derek Trucks! I was drunk like hell and we talked a bit, so he must have thought I was annoying as hell. But still I've shook the man's hand and thanked him for the music he and his crew has made. And I also met the percussionist Count M’Butu. Want to see some pics? Not many though, just hit this link.


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Maurice said...

Mijn beste Jort!

wat een puike foto! Dit is er één voor het grote archief der Jortse grootheid. Ik mag, denk ik, op basis van deze foto en de beschrijving erbij concluderen dat het een goede trip naar Londen is geweest?

Tot morgen?

ciao Maurice