Monday, July 09, 2007

To beard or not to beard?

To beard or not to beard? That's seem to be the theme with the Black Crowes these days. Every one has a beard beside the guy on the keys Rob Clores. Does he have some special privileges? Did he loose a bet and has to go around town showing his hairless face? What a shame. How nude he must feel? We probably never know because of the infamous contract every musicians has to sign before being a part of the Black Crowes. A contract of silence, what happens in the Black Crowes stays in the Black Crowes.

Come to think about it, did Marc Ford leave the band because of this? Did his contract tell him he should grow a beard by the summer of 2007? Yes it's all speculation, but it could be true, right? Well above are the pics to proof that almost the whole band is wearing a beard.

Oh, I just noticed that Paul Stacey seems to has lost his beard (he used to own one). Crap! There goes my conspiracy theory. It would be nice to change their name to the Band of Funky Beards or just the Funky Beards.


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