Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I have a wish!

I know I'm referring to Martin Luther Kings famous quote I have a dream. But I really do have a wish. Well maybe even not a wish because you wish what's not easily attainable. And this might take some time saving up some money but could be attained in 2 months I guess. So, what am I wishing for and how did this came to be?

While I just moved in to my new home last December I've always let some room (not physically speaking) for myself to play a little with the spaces I have. I mean, this sounds a bit artistic, I wanted to get to know the house her spaces and the vibes she sends out before investing money in decoration or anything else. That's why I bought some stuff cheap or kept some items as a temporary solution which wouldn't be a big deal if I decided to ditch it really quickly. So, what do I wish for? It actually hasn't anything to do with furniture just yet. Or maybe it does. The thing is I decide to make a list in what I would want for myself in my home and what my wish would cost.

I've been looking what kind of solution I would want audio visually wise. I personally think CD as audio carriers are backdated just as DVD's as AV carriers and don't use CD's anymore. I do buy CD's but then convert them and put them in iTunes and listen to music on my iPod or iMac. And have decide the following. I want a Mac mini with wireless house and keyboard, connected to my T.V.. Meaning I could use it as a true digital hub for all my AV wishes. But I also need a new solution for an amp and speakers and while searching I came across two solution I find interesting and are in the price range I think is reasonable. I now will lay them before you (sounds heavy I know) so you can try and decide if I have become decadent.

Ferguson Hill Mini Speaker System

I love the shape and the fact they are transparent. As a set between 700 and 800 Euro's.

Scandyna Minipod Speakers

Wow, what can I say, I have to say I sorta decided I want these, I love the design! And the best part these aren't crappy speakers and also have an amp in the same design line! I don't know the price of the amp but the speakers are around 300 Euro's per speaker.

So that's my wish. Cheers

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siddhi said...

just enjoy your freedom to choose, I think they are both beautiful. love siddhi