Monday, February 12, 2007

YouTube Deleted my account

Well, crap!!! YouTube deleted my account without a warning. Well no YouTubieness for me then anymore.


John said...

A ton of great videos have just disappearred. Thanks for what you did and hopefully will continue to do (whether it be bt/videohost/trades). Ashame they didn't give you a heads up. you rock


El Gordo said...

I've asked them for an explanation and haven't heard from them yet, those bastards. Thanks for the heads up btw =) Cheers

amanda said...

that same thing happened to me! apperently i had some infringed version of a family guy clip. gugh- but if they had only told me, i would've taken it off. that really ticks me off

Pi55edOff said...

THIS HAPPEND TO ME TOO. I had such a nice account. Like 50 videos and counting. YouTube never sent me a warning about nothing! YouTube needs to be destroyed.

Glenn Griffith said...

my account disappeared, thought maybe I had forgotten my password so I went through that process to find out that my account was deleted. I had posted no videos so I can't have an infringement issue. I had made about 5-6 comments none of which even used profanity. Is there a way to find out why it was deleted??

Anonymous said...

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