Friday, February 02, 2007

Stuntkid Rules!!!

Okay, why the heading? Well at work we are working on a magazine for clients and prospects. We want it to be a fresh magazine without a lot of marketing drivel. It's called 'Mixed Emotions' and it will be released in March.

But what is it or what does it stand for?
Mixed Emotions is an contemporary magazine that shows the world through the eyes of Emotion (advertising agency). An organic magazine because of her ever chancing presentation, shape and content. That hopes to challenge the reader to take a step back and read, look, feel, to enjoy or to be disguised. This without the purpose to change the readers opinion but more so to inform. Giving the reader the chance to form an opinion on the subject on there own.

Being one of the senior editors and the art director in this case I also have to choose interesting subjects. One of them being Stuntkid, I contacted him and he was thrilled to work together. So I'm pretty happy about that because his work rocks!!! So, if you want to know who Stuntkid is and what kind of work he makes, then click here!

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