Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My new home!

I've got the key on December the 1st and I'm going to move on Monday the 18th of December to my new home. Why the almost three weeks delay I hear you ask. Well, my bathroom had to be redone in those weeks and the builders are making progress. They should finish up on Friday with installing everything. Actually I they still need to install a wall and door made out of glass.

It's not a big bathroom but it's going to be beautiful bathroom with enough room to take a shower with three people. Click on the picture above for pictures of my house in general en below for my bathroom. I will update these photo sets as much as possible.

At this moment everything is really, really, dusty and I've had the weirdest most intense sneeze attacks. Everything I've bought so far like a couch and such are covered with plastic against the dust. Oh, I haven't mentioned this but I hate this like having to paint walls and doing other handyman work. So I'm pretty easily irritated these days =P But still everything is to dusty to just move in so I still have to clean a truckload of stuff, arghh!

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Khøtel said...

Yo Gordo,

Mail me! Lost your e-mail witrh the purchase of my nem MacPro Intel-shit machine! Nice place BTW!