Monday, December 11, 2006

Lester "badass" Butler

Yeahhh, found this on YouTube. I always loved the Red Devils, I've been on there guestlist and Lester gave me one of his mouth harps personally to me. Goodtimes, gooooodtimes, I had a great weekend ending up with me blacking out in the train while traveling to college. That's a long time ago, just as this was shot. This was shot while Lester was doing a rehearsel at the Maloe Melo in Amsterdam/Holland. Enjoy!


Mike said...

Yeah, Lester was a bad-aas indeed... Mad props to the guy, may he rest in peace. Way cool vid, I must say! If that's Alex Schultz on guitar... Wow.

So, how's the new house? Still in between?

El Gordo said...


Yeah, still in between two houses. The bathroom guy is building my bathroom and should be finished on Friday. That means that I'm moving on Monday. I love the little place already.


El Gordo