Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Derek Trucks Band Live in Birmingham '09

Hi Folks,

While Glasgow was a fantastic show, the band was in full force and the crowd was, well how can I put it.. wild and loud. The Birmingham show was different because the following.

I've been pestering the guys to play This sky since 2007 when I saw them for the second time in London Islington. After the Glasgow gig I spoke to all the guys and as usual scored a setlist which was signed by all but Kofi, who I couldn't find. But... I didn't pop the This Sky question yet, so I saw Derek going to a van and asked him once again if the could play This Sky in Birmingham. This time it wasn't an "we'll see' answer. He said, "Yeah, we can do that! We've playing at some show lately so, yeah". So... in my eyes that was a promise ;) I would finally hear This Sky live!!! Yeah!

Back to Birmingham, a friend of mine who seems to know the road manager made collage of me with the band in Sheffield this year and got the whole band to sign it. He gave it to me just before the show started. And man, I've never been happier with a gift. You see I don't give a rats ass about birthdays let alone mine.

The whole Birmingham show the band was on fire in every way possible. And Greensleeves has become a gigantic monster that easily beats My Favorite Things at this moment for me. After the talking to Derek and Mike we found out they were very pleased with this show musically. Now I won;t bother you with the rest of my night.. so go to the video's and enjoy :)

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