Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My trip to Beirut!

Beirut Libanon,

What an experience! It's been a revaluation to meet people that in a way risk their own lives by putting question marks behind their whole upbringing!

And while the'll be shutout if people know how they think they put up a fight for their right of free thought! And I say free thought because it's not even about free speech! It's about the right to think what one wants to think without being judged!

About bloggers, lawyers, filmmakers and journalists from the Middle East that don't want to be subversive, but rather not be killed or jailed because about things they question! They want a dialogue! Intelligent people with a mind of their own!

They care for Muslim values and all they want is to be cared for like any other person in the world.

Everyone should have the same rights, as a human being. And not be judged because of their religious background! They raised themselves above religion, they've become human beings!

Fond memories from my Beirut trips are.

  1. Sitting with six people (read stacked!!!) in a beaten up taxi.
  2. A music store that sells only copied CD's (I make copy for you, yes?).
  3. The women are very, very, very, very, very beautiful.
  4. Waterbong smoking is the best thing I've done in ages... sure I smoked hasheesh like that before but this was something else.
  5. I ate some really good food.

Here you can find more pictures of Beirut the city and a night out at The Blue Note Jazzclub!

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