Sunday, June 18, 2006

I've almost bought a house

I've been searching for a house for a while and it hasn't been easy. I'm a picky bastard. But finally after searching for 2,5 years, I found a little place I like to call my home.

While living downtown for 18 years I wanted to keep it that way. It's pretty difficult finding a place especially if you have to pay for it by yourself. I did have to make some concessions but will end up living in monument =).

Still there are some hurdle to be taken. One is, which shouldn't be a big problem, getting the mortgage. Two is having to spend 6 more months in this house where I live now.

Now on to some pictures of my new house.


Anonymous said...

tis echt een sfeervol karakteristiek huis met lekkere ruime kamers. en die hobbels die kun je wel nemen grote sterke zoon van me, liefs mamma

Chesher Cat said...

Nice digs...

Is there a guest room?

Trigger said...

Hey J.
Congrats on the new house, looks really nice man. A monument indeed!
Trigger Mike

El Gordo said...

Yeah, it's a cool old kinda place. Enough space for me and my two cats =) Oh and enough space so people could crash at my place.

siddhi said...

leuk die reakties op jouw huis, was ondanks de verdrietige situatie fijn met jullie bij de crematie en oma te zijn. keep it cool, love mamma