Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dirty Delicious!

Isn't it typical that some pieces of art just know how to hit you and you don't know why. That the paintin or song somehow stays a mistery to you and you actually want to keep it that way. That it surprises and touches you everytime you see it. I will show you some work of Jason Levesque and tell you what I think about it and why I think I like the work he makes. And I know what I just said about keeping it a mistery, but that doesn't take away the fact i still would like to know.

Untill now I've only featured music and now it's time to feature other things. Like most of my articles on my blog I let the artist speak for themself by there work. This time I will do the same and hope the artist isn't botherd by me posting some of his work. Before giving this my review I would like to be know that I'm not an art critic, I'm just an Art Director for an Advertsing/Communications Company.


I'm a big fan of the female form and I noticed that I have the tendency to like artist that use the female form as the leading subject also. His interpretation reminds me a lot of the work of Alfons Mucha. Using the female form and with slight expression of disinterest on the subjects part. I see an ode and respect to female form, but not in a trashy way.

In this case again I see a resemblens to Mucha's work. The outlines, the flatness of the work.

He, the artist, described his work as "Dirty Delicious", I guess because of the slight erotic/fetish undertone in his work. I havn't discoverd much of a theme other then females in not so commen situations. And that works, it creates tention that makes the artwork worth looking at. But sometimes it's just a twist in a leg that gives the picture more meaning.


I just love this guys work and might one day have his piece of art hanging at my house. Again the female subject are to die for and the work keeps surprising me.

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