Monday, February 27, 2006

DVD Music Geek

Lately i've been busy making some bootleg DVD's for The Black Crowes. All for the fun off it. One was of the release party of Lions and one was of a somewhat famous gig in Germany. I always share these production and that didn't go unnoticed.

Here's a low bitrate video sample!

When I share a bootleg I use the standard bootleg trading sites such as The Traders Den, Etree, Dime a Dozen you name it. Some guy approached me after downloading a dvd I did from a gig 1996. He said he loved it and how professional he thought it looked for a fan made bootleg. He also asked me if he could use the material in one of his Pod-casts.

The Pod-cast is ready and you can watch it if you like at DVD Music Geek click the menu Podcast and click on # 01.

Here's also a direct link
DVD Music Geek #01

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